Toyota Truck Models

At Webb Toyota, it would be our pleasure to work with you personally to help you find the right truck to meet your needs. There are two separate Toyota truck models to consider. The first is the Toyota Tundra and the second is the Toyota Tacoma. How do you know which one is right for you?




How to Maintain Your Toyota

Performing regular maintenance on your Toyota will maximize performance, dependability, and safety. It will also help preserve your vehicle’s resale value. A key to performing regular maintenance is following Toyota’s recommended maintenance guidelines.




Spring flowers

Spring Maintenance Tips

The arrival of spring means you’ll soon be getting out more. Before you jump in your car and take off, there are a few maintenance tasks you should attend to first. The following checklist will ensure that you and your vehicle are ready for warmer weather. 






The Dangers of Driving with Low Oil Level

Your vehicle utilizes a variety of fluids to run efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Oil is important for the engine of your vehicle. As your vehicle’s engine is running, oil continually circulates through the engine, fulfilling several roles in the engine. Therefore, you need to routinely change the oil that is in the engine of your vehicle. More importantly, you need to make sure that the engine always has enough oil circulating through it.





2021 Toyota Tacoma

2022 Toyota Tacoma Tech Overview

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is an adventurous mid-size pickup truck with features that make it an excellent vehicle for on-road and off-road experiences. The new Toyota Tacoma is available in eight trim configurations, providing drivers with a range of vehicles and features to select between. The Tacoma features many great standard technologies and can be equipped with excellent optional technologies as well.




calculatorGet Top Dollar for Your Trade-in

How to get the most money out of your deal with the least amount of effort. For the most part, it’s logical to expect that you’ll have to give up your old car to buy a new one. Customers should take advantage of trade-ins when possible.





service workersHow a Dirty Air Filter Affects Performance

The air filter in your vehicle is the part that protects your engine from containments in the air. Your air filter cleans the air of dust, leaves, dirt, and other contaminants before the air enters your engine.






Warning Signs Your Car Has Transmission Issues

A vehicle’s transmission is an entire unit that is composed of a much smaller series of parts. There are many moving parts in a vehicle’s transmission and these parts move quickly as the vehicle is running.






Buying New vs Used

Now’s the time to decide if you should buy a new or used car. It can be a tough choice. Many people are caught between the two because each option has its own benefits.





2021 Toyota Tacoma2021 Toyota Tacoma Tech Overview

As a living legend, the Toyota Tacoma has reigned as America’s best-selling mid-size pickup truck for the last 16 years. Oozing exceptional value, head-turning good looks, unrivaled capability, and volumes of versatility, the Tacoma is in a class of its own.





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Summer Maintenance Tips

Your car needs to be maintained for this hot month. The good news is that there are quite a few maintenance tips for you to deploy to prepare you for the season.






Why Buy Toyota

At Webb Toyota, we think enough of the brand that we committed our dealership to it. Our dealership is bursting with a large selection of its cars, trucks, SUVs. But why should buy Toyota, one of the world’s most popular brands? Find out here.